“James Customized an In-Home Program that Includes Stretching, Massage, and a Great Workout that has Restored My Strength, Posture, Balance, Endurance, etc. I Recommend You Consider Him, because he is Different than just a Trainer! He's a Capable Therapist that Has Now Helped Me Feel Like My Old or My Young Self!"

Jery Folgenson - Age 88

For fifteen years I have suffered with an extremely painful frozen shoulder. Numerous day-to-day activities were becoming more and more complex as I was forever compensating for limited range of motion and persistent discomfort. Finding James changed my life! His Passive/PNF stretching exercises designed specific to my problem, and his chair massage at the end of every workout has resulted in a new me! James taught me proper breathing techniques and how to isolate so I achieve optimal results from every workout without injury, pain, or stiffness. We now have been able to not just focus on my shoulder but developing my upper body with such incredible results. My one regret in life is not having discovered James fifteen years ago!

Eric Dege

For the last several years I have experienced a fairly steady decline in my physical ability to do many things. My walking had become so stooped that I was looking down at my feet instead of where I was headed. My neck was so stiff all of the time that I had difficulty turning enough to see where I was driving when backing up. My balance was impaired enough that it was necessary to lean against a wall to put on my trousers and I could no longer ride a bike. I was growing so weak that many everyday tasks became just plain difficult. It became an embarrassment for me to ask my wife for help, even though she was always good natured about it.
That pretty much tells how things were. I turned eighty last October and had largely given up thinking I would ever be in better shape. My neighbor recommended James and suggested that he might be able to help.

I began training with James over 2 years ago three times a week for an hour each time and 1 or 2 massages a month. I cannot emphasize enough the difference this program has made. I now carry myself upright, I ride a bike again and can turn my neck enough to have very little trouble parking a car. Now I stride instead of waddling like a penguin when I walk. My friends notice the difference in me and want to know what I have been doing and I say it's James Allwhite's doing!!

Bill Barker

At age 60, after being my husbands caregiver for over three years I joined World Gym to regain my physical strength back, and they recommended James. My muscle strength was non-existent as was my stamina... My pulse rate was off the charts doing a minimal amount of exercise, and I was without a doubt the most out of shape person in the gym.
James started me on a program that he cautiously monitored and I wore a heart rate monitor to receive optimal results. One year later after stretching, massage, and working out I am breathing better, my pulse rate is lower, stronger, and feeling like a new person. People at the gym would commend me on how my body was changing.
James is so knowledgeable about his approach to health and fitness and so caring about his clients that he will be my lifetime health coach!

Lynda Westerdah

"About eight years ago my legs were so week I could hardly walk. That is when I was diagnosed with general neuropathy which means the nerves were dying in my legs. The neurologist said I would be in a wheel chair by the time I was 70 and wished me luck. I started working with James the next week.

At first we worked on flexibility and added strengthening exercises and progressed as I was ready for them. James included passive stretching before and at the end of each session and chair massages which helped me progress faster and there was no pain the next day from the workout.

He also designed special exercises to increase my stability and balance. Also, I do a massage every other week, due to educating me on the benefits due to my condition. My walking has improved to the point that it is no longer a problem. Oh yes, I recently celebrated my 70th birthday."

Robert M. Kleppe

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in February, 1990. At this time I have had Parkinson’s for 18 years. I also have deep vein thrombosis-blood clots in both legs. I have been training with James Allwhite for several months, including weekly massages. The training emphasizes full range of motion among other things. With Parkinson’s one doesn’t swing the arms while walking as is normal with unaffected people. The training has helped my walking a great deal. One of the symptoms of Parkinson’s is rigidity. This is caused by the stretching James gives me before and after each training session. Also I was not able to walk backwards before training. Now I can walk backwards without falling which helps me get out of “freezing” positions. Before getting massages my ankles and feet were purple. Now they are normal in color due to improved blood circulation and improved nerve function. I am stronger now. Also I was not able to get out of a chair or a car seat unaided. Now I can stand up from a sitting position without assistance. In my case the therapeutic value of James Allwhite’s Program of physical training and massages has improved my overall condition a great deal."

Sam Murdock

"My name is David Gibson, I am a retired 67 year old businessman living in Palm Springs, California. I came to James for re-hab after a serious abdominal surgery, as well as soreness and lack of flexibility in my left knee after surgery to repair a torn meniscus over a year ago.

After three months working with James and his passive stretching regimen, I have 100% greater movement in my knee, as well as more mobility in all my joints and limbs. He also gave me the best massage I have ever had. The whole process has been rejuvenation and invigorating far beyond my expectations.

One session convinced me of his extensive knowledge of human anatomy and the techniques needed to restore the body to its natural function. He is highly competent, genial, and enthusiastic, and I give him my highest recommendation."

David Gibson

I have trained with James for 8 months. The main reason I got a trainer was I always hating doing weights and wouldn't do them on my own. Also I need encouragement to eat healthy and lose weight. I've been overweight all my life, losing 50 to 100 pounds and gaining it all back many times.

James has helped me make significant changes to my diet. I defintely am trying to eat to live instead of living to eat. The program James has developed for me combines weight training, healthy eating, cardio and stretching at the end of the workout.

James has me wear a heart rate monitor to help me keep my heart rate in the training zone for the best results. Jame's program has helped me immensely.

John Kraus


Clive Davis - Testimonial

Testimonials & Photos of Previous Clients

"I have been training with james for the past four years. During that time he has taught me the importance of overall fitness. James has designed a program to fit my needs, combining nutrition, stretching, massage, weight training, core and aerobic exercise. I have become much stronger and more flexible.

With a specific interest in improving my golf game, I find I enjoy the game more with a new level of fitness. Also I find that the Passive/PNF stretching and massage with the workout helps my flexibility, range of motion, and I feel better from his therapeutic approach."

Janice Mumsford

"I am age 76 and I had a couple of health problems that were causing me considerable discomfort; 1. slight misalignment of my right shoulder and neck. 2. painful tight knee caused by smashed cartlidge resulting in bone to bone friction, and bakers cist. After MRI, my doctor suggested that I go to a trainer that would give exercises designed to improve and relieve these problems.

I started with James Allwhite about 2 years ago, explained what was needed. Now the neck pain is totally gone and the leg/knee is stronger and much better. Also as a bonus I have lost an inch off my waste and strengthened all muscles."

Robert Brelsford

“I have worked with several trainers over the years, and with James I have much more progress in much less time. His techniques allow you to reach your goals in about half the time. His stretching methods before the workout and the massage after allow you to get more out of your workout without the soreness and stiffness that usuall follows a good workout. Best trainer I ever had.”

Phillip Chilson

“I have been working out for years, but didn’t really achieve the results I wanted until I trained with James. He is very focused on the details of the body position with each moscular movement, which enabled me to use the proper technique and maximize my potential. Equally as important to the workout is the healing process through stretching and massage. Because of his extensive background in physical fitness, sports and massage therapy, James provides a quality program for a variety of needs.

Regardless of your experience or goals, you will receive on on one counseling, training and support with James. I highly recommend him for your health and well being.”

Michelle P

When I first met James I was in PAIN. My hip had become inflamed because in my new virtual office world my desk chair became a bar stool at my kitchen counter.

I went to my primary care physician and was sent to have x-rays, an mri, meet with orthopedic surgeons and specialists. All offered little help. I was at the stage of having an epidural just to relieve the pain.

I was working with my trainer at the time and watching James in action on the side and felt that his movements and focus on the stretching could be helpful. It was like watching a human machine in motion just hitting all the points with the exact amount of intensity.

I started with James and immediately felt some relief. It has been over 3 months and my hips are open and I have to remind myself that I am no longer in pain.  The pain went from being constantly on my mind to an occasional slight irritation.

Stretching is better than SEX.

Steven Alonge

When I met James I was in constant pain and had a noticeable limp when I walked. James tested my range of motion and flexibility. Needless to say, my range of motion for both hips was very limited.
We started with gentle stretching and some passive exercises.

As time went by, my body began to respond to the exercises and James’s stretching and massage. My range of motion improved. I now walk without a limp and I am pretty much pain free. My body and core muscles have responded, and my body feels much stronger.

James is very good at motivation.

Loretta Reis