"There are a lot of great stories and inventions that are in the cemetery!"

Thank you for visiting my website. To tell you a little about myself, I have been in the health, sports, fitness industry for 20 years. Until after my second book "The Journey" when I decided to change my life up and go back to school to pursue a Masters and Film School.  As I wanted to help people on a larger scale through positively, healthly differences. Along with completing a bucket list of foreign languages and learning an instrument and growing in knowledge in many other areas of my life. My father passed away before I was able to use my knowledge in film and multi media, because he had so many stories to share, which has led me to starting "Montage Memories" which has motivated me to pay tribute to his memory by documenting others through their stories.

Our Services

I interview, produce, write and edit your story rather it be business, personal, sports, health, etc. My inspiration and motivation is paying tribute to my late father who had so many stories and wisdom which I was not able to capture on video.

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I passed out braclets, positive postcards, and stopped at schools, businesses, hospitals and homeless shelters to spread my message.

I documented my journey on facebook, the book "The Journey" is Available Now! The story is about the positive and healthy experiences I encountered on my tour across the United States.

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My Philosophy

Life is what you make it! Along the way we all have ups and downs and choices. It is all about what we choose, either negative or positive/right or wrong direction.

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by James Allwhite

Below Is the Video of KMIR-TV's
Story of "The Journey"

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